Statistical Support by Dr Emad Salib

A Personal Message

In my experience many non-statisticians have understandable difficulty with statistics, as many may have received only minimal training in this area. Therefore I make it an absolute priority that all advice and analysis is given with a minimum of statistical jargon, and a full and clear explanation of the main results and how these relate to the objectives of the work. If you looking for assistance with statistical analyses or issues in research design, I can offer you more experience and a more personalised service than you would find at a large statistical consulting firm. I can provide you with a wide variety of statistical support to move your project towards fruition.

30 Years of Experience in the UK and Abroad

I have over 30 years of experience in medical statistics, research design, conducting research and have published over 150 articles. I am a retired hospital consultant, Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a Member of the Royal College of Physicians. I also hold a degree in Computational Medicine and Statistics. I have worked in many different clinical and academic research departments and NHS in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. I have helped colleagues and students with statistical analysis, research on healthcare delivery, market research, quality control and epidemiological research. I work on short - and long-term projects - no study is too complex or too simple.

Personal and Confidential Support

I will provide you with personalised support and a clear explanation of statistical methods and results to ensure that you are in charge of your research. Communications with you, and all of your documents and data, will be handled in the strictest confidence. You will retain all of your authorship and intellectual property rights. Because I work over the Internet, distance is no barrier. I will provide personal service that focuses on your needs, wherever you live.