Services Provided

Research Design

I can assist you with the initial stages of research design, including: the development of research proposals; writing and editing research proposals; and performing statistical analyses and summarising the results. My statistical skills are extensive (descriptive, inferential, multivariate, regression analysis, factor and cluster analysis, and survival analysis, etc). In addition, I can review your questionnaires or other instruments to ensure that the criteria you are using will lend themselves well to analysis.

Data Analysis

I will provide you with a clear explanation of the methods that can be used to analyse your data and will provide you with clear and easy-to-follow written reports on the results of the statistical analysis. I will work with you to clarify any questions concerning the analysis and results, or to identify new and promising directions for further inquiry. I also provide assistance in preparing manuscripts for publication and presentation.

Database Management

I can develop a database for you to input your data into your computer. Once the data has been entered, I can help you inspect the data for errors such as out-of-range values. I will ensure that the database design helps you to retrieve the information that you need to answer your research questions.

Report Writing

I can provide you with written reports on your research findings, and assist you by reviewing the report once drafted.

Dissertation/Thesis Writing

I will help you with all phases of your dissertation/thesis from conceptualising the dissertation/thesis, use of qualitative methods, qualitative design, qualitative analysis or quantitative methods.